SLATE’s Summer Make Over

In May this year SLATE worked with St Vincents, CISWO (the Coal Industry Social Welfare
Organisation), Seagulls and Lloyds Banking volunteers to demonstrate the benefits of reuse furniture in a real life environment; a volunteers home!
The volunteer was Eddie Martin who used to work in the coalfields and now volunteers for
St Vincents and SLATE. Despite ill health, Eddie arrives early and stays late, travelling a long distance from South Leeds back to his home in Horsforth.
Eddie always has lots of ideas and participates fully at SLATE – creating positive change.  At SLATE, Eddie achieved a level 2 NVQ in challenging adult care standards this year; Eddie acts on that empowerment every day. At St Vincents, Eddie is one of the longest serving
members of the team – he is helpful to others and also represents volunteers at a regional
network.  Eddie volunteers 5 days a week and monitors sales targets and makes a real
difference to the success of our organisations.Thanks to the kindness of the Lloyds volunteers and the staff and volunteers at SLATE; Eddie’s home was repainted and minor repairs were undertaken.  The living room and bedroom now have lovely new carpets and the bathroom has new vinyl. The walls are now moonlight bay and tropical ocean! Old furniture came to SLATE for resale and Eddie has new items from SLATE refreshing his home and making it a cosy or hygge place to be.
The makeover was the essence of SLATE: reuse, donate and volunteer!


Eddie says “Thank you to everyone who helped, it’s a brilliant job!”

Eddie Thanks


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